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    Perfect Matte Loose Powder

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        "description": "Hydro Pearls Make-Up Primer & Hydrating Lotion
    This glacial water based make-up primer is ideal for all skin types. An essential for any skin care routine, we suggest including Hydro Pearls in conjunction\nwith your BIO-Fond Foundation make-up for a flawless, high definition ready, finish. Free of parabens, mineral oils and silicone, this\nlight, hydrating make-up primer protects skin from environmental irritants, while working to minimize oil & shine. The addition of azulene, a soothing,\ncamomile based anti-bacterial, aids in breakout prevention while working to calm and prevent skin irritation.\n
    Application: generously apply Hydro Pearls moisturizing primer and lotion over the fact and neck, just prior to any make-up application. Use in combination\nwith other GS products, including BIO-Fond Foundation Makeup, GS Anti-Aging Eye Region Creme, and SkinFood Ultra Vital.", "catalogId": 409677, "id": 10884747, "name": "870 Hydro Pearls Make-Up Primer", "url": "/bio-fond-cosmetics/hydro-pearls-skin-moisturizer", "title": "Hydro Pearls Make-Up Primer & Hydrating Lotion", "smallImage": "/product_image/skincare/hydro-pearls-makeup-primer-lotion.gif", "smallImageUrl": "/product_image/skincare/hydro-pearls-makeup-primer-lotion.gif", "largeImage": "/product_image/skincare/hydro-pearls-makeup-primer-lotion.gif", "largeImageUrl": "/product_image/skincare/hydro-pearls-makeup-primer-lotion.gif", "releaseDate": "2000-01-01T00:00:00", "releaseDate_raw": "2000-01-01T17:00:00", "expiryDate": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "expiryDate_raw": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "productCode": "870", "inStock": null, "onOrder": 0, "reorder": null, "minUnits": null, "maxUnits": null, "unitType": "", "tags": "", "custom1": "", "custom2": "", "custom3": "", "custom4": "", "isOnSale": false, "countryCode": "US", "currencyFormat": "$", "countryCurrencyFormat": "USD", "retailPrice": 59.99, "salePrice": 59.99, "wholesalerPrice": 29.99, "savePrice": 0.00, "discountPrice": 59.99, "totalDiscountPrice": 59.99, "tax": 0.00, "taxRate": 0.0, "totalPrice": 59.99, "totalRetailPrice": 59.99, "taxCode": null, "urlWithHost": "http://www.gerdaspillmann.com/bio-fond-cosmetics/hydro-pearls-skin-moisturizer" }, { "description": "BIO-BLENDS Liquid Eyeliner in Onyx\n
    The Bio-Blends Liquid Liner Pen is formulated with an intense pigment and a long-lasting formula to give you dramatic and beautiful definition. The felt\ntip applicator is easy to use and gives both a thin or thick line allowing for precise application; a barely there look or a full winged effect! The tapered\nfelt tip is inspired by calligraphy pens to give you a smudge-proof, elegant application. The water-based formula ensures that it is good for everyone,\neven those with sensitive skin.\n
    ", "catalogId": 409677, "id": 10884837, "name": "LE040 Onyx Bio-Blends Liquid Eyeliner", "url": "/bio-fond-cosmetics/le040-bio-blends-liquid-eyeliner-onyx", "title": "LE040 Bio-Blends Liquid Eyeliner - Onyx Black", "smallImage": "/product_image/cosmetics/Bio-Blends-Liquid-Liner-Pen-Swatch.jpg", "smallImageUrl": "/product_image/cosmetics/Bio-Blends-Liquid-Liner-Pen-Swatch.jpg", "largeImage": "/product_image/cosmetics/Bio-Blends-Liquid-Eyeliner.jpg", "largeImageUrl": "/product_image/cosmetics/Bio-Blends-Liquid-Eyeliner.jpg", "releaseDate": "2000-01-01T00:00:00", "releaseDate_raw": "2000-01-01T17:00:00", "expiryDate": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "expiryDate_raw": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "productCode": "LE040", "inStock": null, "onOrder": null, "reorder": null, "minUnits": null, "maxUnits": null, "unitType": "", "tags": "", "custom1": "", "custom2": "", "custom3": "", "custom4": "", "isOnSale": true, "countryCode": "US", "currencyFormat": "$", "countryCurrencyFormat": "USD", "retailPrice": 16.00, "salePrice": 16.00, "wholesalerPrice": 8.99, "savePrice": 0.00, "discountPrice": 16.00, "totalDiscountPrice": 16.00, "tax": 0.00, "taxRate": 0.0, "totalPrice": 16.00, "totalRetailPrice": 16.00, "taxCode": null, "urlWithHost": "http://www.gerdaspillmann.com/bio-fond-cosmetics/le040-bio-blends-liquid-eyeliner-onyx" } ]

    Perfect Matte Loose Powder

    Rice-milled & silky smooth, GS Perfect Matte Loose Translucent Finishing Powder delivers skin a natural looking, velvet matte finish with long-wear staying power. Designed to work with Biofond Foundation for gorgeous all day lastability. This translucent finishing powder self-adjusts to any skin tone, perfectly complimenting your matching Biofond Foundation - from fair to dark!

    This non-comedogenic formula is a scientific blend of the highest quality, organic compounds synergized in a pharmaceutical lab to impart soft, matte looking skin with extracts of dry essential oils including Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Lavender for skin health. Rice Powder is an emollient rich translucent powder that helps to soothe the skin and has been used in Ayurvedic treatments since the 16th century. Triple milled French Talc powder made from pure magnesium, which exceeds the hightest SCBE & USP industry standards, gives radiance and soothing moisture to the skin.

    Recommended for use over Biofond Foundation Makeup as a self-adjusting finishing powder. Translucent Powder can be used over any of the 21 Biofond colors, perfect for all skin tones! Perfect Matte Loose Powder can also be worn without the Biofond for a lighter, barely-there makeup look on light-to-medium skin tones.

    20g. +  application sponge.


    Aug, 02 2016

    Must Have.

    I love this powder! Use it every day to set my makeup.

    Jay George

    Jul, 14 2016

    Must Have.

    This is, hands down, the best translucent powder I've ever used. Every other I've tried has felt cake-y or made me itch. GS' powder is silky, light and it looks fantastic, on camera or off. I can't praise it enough.


    Jul, 11 2016

    Must Have.

    Love this powder

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