Ever unexpectedly wish you had packed an uncommon beauty item? The unexpected always seems to happen during trips away from home so I've developed my secret stash. These beauty tools are must-haves in my go bag every time I pack - you know, for the chance encounter with that guy at Starbucks who could be your soul mate, bumping into your savage high school frenemy in the hottest new restaurant, or running into "that gossipy neighbor" who lives two doors from your Grandma?  Trust me it can happen, they've all happened to me.


1. A Razor

Even the cheap, plastic pink one is an essential for your suitcase. Keeping up with leg hair is a chore for anyone, and if you happen to be one who typically wears pants (like me) - don't get caught unable to confidently swagger down to the hotel pool or wear that cute dress because you haven't shaved your legs.  

2. Concealer

Work trip or Girls trip - you never know when you'll have to stay up too late the night before something important.  Packing a concealer to help with dark, tired circles or even the random breakout is an absolute must! The go-to color is one that has a slight salmon-pink undertone because it will help to neutralize both the blue-purple around your eyes and the red, irritation from a breakout.  Applying concealer before your foundation is a guaranteed way to make sure that the concealer stays concealed because it will blend under your foundation - leaving you looking flawless!

3. Earrings

Sweatshirt and leggings can even look classy when paired with an elegant messy up-do and earrings.  Earrings are a statement piece of jewelry - they can add the finishing touch to almost any look.  Statement earrings add a final stamp of complete-ness and classic silver goes with everything.  We are currently digging a pair like this: Leather Leaf Earrings by KyleeMae.

4. Body Lotion

Traveling is harder on your body than you may realize. Flying is especially tough on your skin, the dry air can lead to dry skin. Dry skin is itchy, irritating and can flake or cause visible rawness.  Avoid all of this by packing not only your favorite face cream, but a quality body lotion that you can slather on all over. Avoid dry, patchy skin, protect your skin against chemicals in hotel water (hello chlorine!) and even prevent your hands and neck from showing advanced signs of premature aging.  

5. Tweezers

Rogue eyebrow hair? Torn cuticle? Or worse a splinter from who knows where? Tweezers are a definitive must-have item - so much so you may consider keeping a pair in your purse instead of your carry-on. Our favorite pair are ones that have an angled edge and sharp points because they are more versatile then dull ones.  Allowing you to cut that cuticle (never, ever tear or pull on them!) or pluck that strange witchy hair that mysteriously showed up on your chin. 


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