Getting the magazine worthy flawless foundation is easy when you know the right steps.  We will walk you through 6 easy steps to improve your selfies and your beauty confidence!

Great makeup always starts with great skincare.  

1. Skincare
Clean and hydrated skin are the foundation for your foundation! Dirty skin can be dull, excess oil can be hanging on to dead skin cells and dry skin can lead to breakouts.  Start by washing your face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser twice daily; never ever go to bed with makeup on! Following your cleanser you should apply a moisturizer with hydrating emollients like Tamarind Seed Extract.  Need something to help repair the skin as well?  Serums with Amino Acids are incredible!

2. Prep
Makeup Primer can help your foundation apply more evenly, last longer and give a natural glow to your skin.  Be sure to use a primer that is free of silicone. Silicone primers may allow your makeup to look good one day but they are actually sealing germs and bacteria into the skin taht will lead to long-term problems including breakouts. Even you need an extra dose of moisturizer, add a drop of botanical essential oil. When you apply your primer make sure you use a liberal amount all over the face and neck.

3. Conceal
Not everyone needs concealer. If you have dark circles or excessive redness be sure you use a concealer that is the same undertone as your foundation; warm/yellow or cool/pink. For dark circles apply concealer under the eye in a triangular shape and for redness apply in circular areas - easy with a round sponge like the Ovo Beauty Sponge.

4. Foundation
Depending how much coverage you want use a sponge or dense foundation brush to apply an even amount of foundation all over the skin.  Start in the middle of the face, nose bridge, forehead and chin then blend outwards towards the hair line and jaw. Using foundation that is the same consistency as your concealer will allow the colors to effortlessly blend concealing those dark circles or spotty skin.  Be sure to blend your foundation down the jaw line and into the neck, no one wants to see a floating head!  Biofond Foundation Makeup comes in 21 skintone colors - you'll find a perfect match for your skin!

5. Blush
Use a cream blush to get a natural and soft blush finish that complements your skintone.  Using cream blush is far more forgiving then a dry powder blush which can go on and then not blend well. Depending on your mood or skill set you can either add contouring at this step or skip it!  PS - add a touch of blush to the top of your forehead and your chin to give your complexion that fresh sunkissed look!

6. Set/Finish
Use a non-oxidizing powder on your t-zone to help set the foundation in the oil prone areas of your face, but not all over the face!  Applying a powder to already dry areas of your face can create a dull or ashy finish. Applying powder to just the t-zone ensures you keep your fresh glow all day long!

Flawless Foundation is easy for anyone to get but if you need any help along the way - let us know! And join us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more great makeup tips.  Be sure to go check out the photographer Dan Amezcua, the model Anna Vega and the Makeup Artist Lisa Frehner for more gorgeous images!