Skincare Toner is one of the beauty products that has been constantly debated by experts and gurus - do you really need one?  

First, lets define what a toner is and its primary purpose.  Toner is a light liquid that helps to cleanse and remove excess oil from the skin.  A quality toner will be alcohol free so that it doesn't overdry the skin but dissolves stubborn oil and bacteria on the skin that can lead to breakouts, infections or dull skin.

Toner is especially important for people suffering with oily or acne-prone skin.  When our skin has an overproduction of oil and we add sunscreen, primer and makeup to that, it's alot for a cleanser to try to wash away.  If your cleanser is oil based it may not be dissolving the oil on your face at all!  We suggest always using a dual-action cleanser that gives you both aha cleansing (a real science reaction to break the bonds of oil) and physical exfoliation (this sloughs off dead skin and cleans pores better).  

After cleansing, using a toner will help to clean the areas of the skin that are more oil prone, like your T-zone, remove stubborn makeup (I'm looking at you waterproof mascara!), and works within the pores to give you a deeper clean for long-lasting skin health.  We touched on this earlier, but it's important to reiterate - use a toner that is alcohol free!  Alcohol is a cheap way to mimick the cleansing properties of a toner but it dries out your skin and can lead to long-term problems like acne or infected pores. 

Adding a toner to your daily skincare regimen will help to keep your skin clean and refreshed with a balanced pH that allows for a natural and healthy glow.  Toner may also help to prevent ingrown hairs - gentlemen, use a toner after shaving!  

What else can you do with a toner? 

  • Take a long flight or perhaps a red-eye?  Use a warm cloth soaked in toner and press against your face to help remove those bags from under your eyes.  
  • Use one with pure botanical extracts with your loose pigment powders.  Dip your angle brush into the toner, then the loose powder and create a dynamic eyeliner in any color! 
  • Toner is ideal for removing mascara.  Soak a cotton ball in toner then gently apply to your eyelashes and wipe towards the outsides, towards your hairline.  You don't have to push hard or rub, just allow the toner to penetrate the mascara and wipe it off! 
  • Uh-oh, did you break your favorite pressed eyeshadow?  Break it up until its all powder then mix in 2-3 drops of toner, tap the container against the counter to force out any air or bubbles and allow to set over night.  Voila, you have pressed eyeshadow again! 
  • Did you accidentally make your liquid eyeliner too thick or too long?  Using a cotton swab and just 1-2 drops of toner you can clean up your makeup without removing it all.