My skincare and beauty experience with Gerda Spillmann

At some point in every woman’s life, the feeling of aging tends to become more of a reality than we want to believe. Starting a proper skincare regimen and taking care of our skin becomes much more important. Until recently, I was never one to engage in a proper skincare routine. Suffering with a complicated (acne-prone, sensitive, combination/oily) skintype, I didn’t understand how critical maintenance and prevention are, esp. for my type of skin. Having now embraced a proper skincare routine; I couldn’t imagine my life without skincare as this has truly been life changing, not only for my skin but for my confidence in my appearance. Properly taking care of my skin and trying to undo much of what has been done, I am trying to be more mindful of the purchases I make for my finicky reactive skin type. After all my exhausting research and discovery, my conclusion is that makeup products that are also skincare are the only option to use.

I was always nervous and afraid to tackle skincare head-on as I was unsure of where and how to begin my seemingly daunting journey. I began doing some research and started searching the internet by way of social media, specifically Instagram and Youtube. Aging, acne, lines and wrinkles were some of my major concerns and I needed a sense of what to do and what products to look for. After an intense research period, I began my skincare regimen. This consists of a proper gentle facial cleanser, an anti-aging serum, an anti-oxidant for both day and night, a hydrating serum, a moisturizer and a good solid SPF. While I was really enjoying my current lineup (it was comfortable and I liked the products), I knew I needed and wanted more to give me the skin I was looking for. I was in search of a beauty tool to directly assess my concerns for my lines and wrinkles.

Not knowing where to turn as the abundance of beauty tools can be extremely overwhelming; I looked to some of my fellow skincare gurus on Instagram. This is how I came across the Bio-Blends Galvanic Wand. I had already known about the brand Gerda Spillmann from their Bio-Fond foundation which I will discuss a bit further down below. This tool looked completely interesting and immediately I was intrigued with the freshly innovative approach in technology. Having comfort in the brand, and with the Galvanic Wand being completely affordable, I was eager to give this a try. I am beyond thrilled to say I am SO glad I did!!

First, a little bit about the Bio-Blends galvanic wand. This wand uses a low-voltage galvanic current to help promote better absorption of your topical skincare products by pushing your products into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Therefore, as the wand uses this galvanic current to push the skincare deeper into the skin, in turn it is aiding in stimulating collagen and fighting off lines and wrinkles, for a more youthful looking you. There are 4 levels of intensity with level 1 being the lowest and level 4 being the highest. The goal is to start low and build up tolerance to higher levels. I have been using the galvanic wand for a couple months and I am currently on level 3 of intensity. The current that is being penetrated is extremely gentle and with my overly reactive skin, I have yet to experience an issue. Using this galvanic wand makes me feel like I am getting quality spa treatments in the comfort of my own home. I use this wand every single night after applying my anti-oxidant serum. The areas of focus are my forehead wrinkles, my frown lines and my smile lines. It has become a staple in my skincare routine and it couldn’t be an easier tool to use. You wrap your hand around the bottom of the wand and place on desired area of face. Once you hear a beeping sound, you move the wand about ¼ inch and proceed. The results so far have been wonderful. The deep lines on my forehead are definitely much less abrasive. Approximately 10-20 minutes of using the wand, my fine lines and wrinkles are plumper and are softer in appearance. They appear to be visibly smoother and I have an overall more youthful appearance. Beginning level 3 has allowed me to see great improvements in the areas which are of concern to me. I couldn’t be happier in my experience with this galvanic wand and I am excited and look forward to seeing continued results with continued use.

As I mentioned above, my first encounter with Gerda Spillmann was when I discovered their Bio-Fond foundation through one of my favorite YouTube beauty guru channels. Being the beauty addict I am, this foundation seemed like it would be the perfect fit for my new venture into skincare meets makeup! I placed an order online and took a chance with a correct color match. The color I ordered, Caramel, wound up being too light for my medium olive skintone. However, loving the creamy, silky, and luxurious texture, I wanted to find a way to use this product. So, I tried it as a concealer under my eyes. It was marvelous and is the perfect shade to conceal dark circles but also lighten and brighten the area giving my eyes a more awakened look. It effortlessly blends itself and melts into the skin. My experience is that it dries down to a light powder texture making it the perfect “concealer” consistency to either set with powder or not. I choose to always set my concealer and I am happy to report this does not cake up! The formulation and ingredients make this foundation a true stellar product and a beauty must have. Given a few samples of different shades to match my skin tone, it appears as though my correct color match is Bijou. I have been testing this shade for a few days and it is the perfect warm under tone for my complexion.   As I’ve mentioned above, using this foundation as a concealer has been a pleasure of mine. However, having now sampled the proper shade, I am completely blown away with the results. This foundation wears beautifully leaving a flawless natural look to your skin! It does not latch on to any dry patches and it doesn’t become oily in my t-zone as most foundations tend to do with me. For my combination oily skin, I was able to get 6-8 hours of wear time before I needed to dust on some powder, which speaks volumes for my skin type and concerns! It is so lightweight feeling (completely like second skin) with a velvety smooth, radiant finish. You are able to apply this foundation for sheer coverage or build up to full coverage and either application never feel nor look heavy. The foundation allows your skin to breathe while protecting your skin from environmental factors such as pollutants and irritants. This may sound funny; however, wearing this foundation makes me feel so beautiful and boosts my confidence in a way no makeup product has done before. I feel like I have an airbrushed look to my skin. Naturally, my mood was lifted while wearing it and I found myself generally happier all day. Who knew a makeup product could make your spirit feel so good! As much of a beauty addict that I am, I often do not like the feel of having makeup on and generally am secretly waiting for the moment I get to wash it off. However, I have the opposite feel when it comes to the Bio-Fond foundation. I actually cannot wait for the moment I get to wear it. It’s not only feel good makeup, its makeup that’s good for your skin! Having pharmaceutical grade ingredients, you can feel safe while wearing this foundation, making it suitable for all skin types. Every woman needs to have this foundation as part of their makeup base collection. My experience just makes me super excited to branch off and try the blushes and bronzers next.

Another favorite of mine, that I picked up when purchasing my galvanic wand, is the Bio-Blends eyeliner pencil. This eyeliner is so good! I have extremely sensitive, dry yet very watery/teary eyes. Almost every single eyeliner I try irritates my eye because they are too harsh and either always smudge or my eyes become red and watery. If I try to find a more delicate eyeliner, the pigmentation and staying power is slim to none. Look no further, as the Gerda Spillmann Bio-Blends eyeliner is the perfect formulation that meets all my criteria for eyeliner! The consistency is super creamy, smooth and extremely blend-able. The texture of the pencil makes it a dream to create a soft subtle smoky eye or build up to create a more intensified look. It’s a very versatile eyeliner as you can also use this to tight line your waterline or create a sultry eye look by drawing a line from the middle of your eye to the edge and smudging it out with the smudge brush on one end of the eyeliner. The smudge side of the liner makes this so easy to do! Being a water proof liner, you can be assured this eyeliner doesn’t budge and stays put!! I now cannot wait to try the Bio-Blends Liquid Eyeliner to create the perfectly winged line!

I have really enjoyed using all of my Gerda Spillmann products and I cannot wait to try more from this amazing brand. My experience is that this is a brand that cares about what woman want and need and does so in a very classy sophisticated way. It’s been my pleasure being in contact with this company as they’ve assisted me in any and all questions I had regarding my galvanic wand and their customer service has been nothing short of amazing. If you have not yet indulged in any Gerda Spillmann products, I highly recommend you do; I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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Rosalba Spoto

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