Tan lines are up there with:

  • Makeup that oxidises and makes me look orange. 
  • Bad drivers—especially those who don't know how to merge. 
  • The dentist. (I need that nitrous. STAT!)

How to even out a tan:

The good news: it's not difficult to even out a tan. I’m going to let you in on my personal secrets to getting there quickly. Who better than to give advice than a beach baby who despises tan lines?! All you need are two easy-to-find, perfectly inexpensive items to pair with your Summer Sun Skin Care Repair Kit.

Face first.

Before I tell you my secrets for evening out the skin on your body, first things (i.e. faces) first: the skin on your face is some of the most delicate and sensitive on your body—even if you don’t have what’s considered to be, ‘sensitive skin.’ This is why you don't want to use a harsh exfoliant. Doing so puts you at risk of skin damage, so why risk showing signs of premature aging, ending up with small tears and more? 

To avoid that mess, stick with your Peau de Fleurs Cleansing Mousse. Tiny, evanescent exfoliating beads gently work to remove dead skin cells without stripping the natural oils from your skin. For dry/normal skin types, this will be a welcome addition. For the oily/combo skinned women, upon first glance you may wonder if it gets the job done.

Let me let you in on one more secret:

The biggest mistake nearly all of us oily/combo skinned ladies make at some point is using products that strip our faces of oil in hopes of reducing shine. What actually happens? Our skin ends up producing more oil to compensate for having been stripped of any. We then wonder why it seems that we look more oily than before. We want some oil in our skin. Peau de Fleurs delivers the balance that our skin critically needs. It keeps it at the proper pH level and keep our skin glowing vs. an oil slick. 

Following the cleansing of your skin, follow your skin care routine using your new skin repair kit. To keep it simple, remember to apply the least dense of your products first, and finish with the heaviest. For example, if you use a toner, that goes on first. Next, apply your RAO Renaissance Active Oil to heal, revive and moisturize. Depending on your needs, you may opt for Pro Age or Prestige Cell and then at night, wrap it all up with Swiss Brightening Cream to reduce hyper pigmentation.

How to even out a tan (or the aftermath of a nasty sunburn!) on your body using my personal secrets.

**Absolutely do not try this until a sunburn has healed, or you have blisters or broken skin! Wait until skin is already dried and peeling!

Unlike your face, the skin on your body can usually tolerate rougher treatment once you’ve reached the stage where a tan isn't sensitive and a burn is no longer painfully peeling and/or blistered. 

You're going to need two inexpensive items that can easily be found at your local CVS or Target:
  1. A dry body brush.
  2. Exfoliating gloves.
Read on to find out what they are and how they'll make your quest to even out a tan or unsightly sunburn even easier when used with your sun damage repair kit.

**Secret #1: Exfoliating begins before you set foot in the shower with a dry body brush.
Firm Palm Fiber Dry Body Brush

Why: By exfoliating before you get your skin wet, you loosen the dead skin cells that have built up after a sunburn.

For the past 5 years, dry body brushing has become my BAE.  As the name implies, this brush is not intended to be used on wet skin. Think of a dry body brush as a buffing tool that increases blood flow, makes your skin tingly and helps to pre-lift the dead skin cells you need to remove. The one above (my personal preference) is typically around $5-10. Others that aren't as firm can be in the $30 range. I find that this is excellent for achieving results, which is my most important criteria. 

How to use a dry body brush:

Begin at your feet and in an upward motion, continue to move up your leg (all over—we’re saying, ‘Buh-bye,’ to flaky skin!) with firm, short strokes until you reach the top of your thigh. Follow with the other leg.

Same deal on your arms. Begin at your fingertips and work your way up and around each arm. Remember, firm, short strokes.

Continue working your way up, stomach, chest, back. You get the idea. Always remember: upward motion!

In areas where an uneven skin tone is painfully visible, you may want to experiment with spending a bit of extra time on them. I’ve found this to be especially helpful on the lower half of my arms. I'll also come back and buff certain areas before I apply RAO to my body. (A good body oil does more good on the skin than lotion!)

After you’ve completed the process of dry body brushing, hop in the shower. And then you’re on to my next secret…

**Secret #2: Exfoliating gloves finish the job.

You’ve probably seen these at CVS or Walgreens. These are my go-to vs. a wash cloth. A pair lasts a while and the cost is only  around $3.99
Exfoliating Shower Bath Gloves
Unlike the dry body brush, these are intended for the bath/shower. You definitely want to make sure they're good and wet and that you've worked in a creamy body wash before you begin to use them on your skin. They are slightly rough, enabling you to slough away the dead with great effectiveness.

Choosing a body wash:

Once again, I suggest going with a creamy and gentle body wash. Because your skin is drier after frequent sun exposure, you want to treat the new skin nicely. As you’re using two exfoliating tools, it’s important to keep a strong balance of moisture in the skin so you don't dry out. This probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself. For this purpose, you'll want a creamy wash—not bar soap! 

How to get the most out of your exfoliating gloves:

Just as you did with the dry body brush, repeat the same process, using the gloves in place of a wash cloth. (Do not use these on your face!) Begin at the bottom with your feet and naturally work your way up. 

Post-shower skin care.

Once you’re out of the shower, it’s time to reach for your RAO. Renaissance Active Oil contains several citrus extracts, most notably orange, which is packed with Vitamin C. Because it’s not greasy, nor will it leave a film on your skin, it keeps you super hydrated in addition to being soothing. Oh! It's also an aphrodisiac, which hey... they never hurts, right? I use my RAO, as well as RARE 24k, especially in the beginning of the healing/evening out process. 

RARE is great because it helps to reduce swelling while giving you a massive cocktail of antioxidants and 24k gold nano particles, both of which speed up healing. 

At night, I opt to apply my Swiss Brightening Cream. With the extra exfoliation, I have seen results after the first use. Be mindful of your skin—after all, you know your body best. If something hurts, don't try to force the skin to come off. Try not to pick at it while you're peeling (scarring is harder to deal with in the long run!) 

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**If you have sensitive skin, or in the event that you have a skin condition, please consult your dermatologist or esthetician before using these items.