It’s that time of year: leaves have fallen, you’re over the moon for pumpkin spice anything, and of course, many of you (or your children!) are preparing for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating, costumes, crafts and corn mazes.

With Halloween right around the corner, there are a few things you need to know before purchasing typical holiday makeup, as well as how to protect your skin.

Cheap, costume makeup is common with kids, teens and adults because after all, who wants to spend a bunch if they only plan to use it for 1 day?


Be weary.

Cheap, costume makeup and even some of the inexpensive pallets found in common drugstore brands doesn’t come without possible side effects.

As someone who has to be vigilant about maintaining a healthy complexion thanks to acne, I had a sobering experience when I realized the documented side effects of breakouts, rashes, itching and skin irritation caused by the use of ‘throw away’ Halloween makeup.

Key point of note: (Most) Halloween makeup was not designed with the skin in mind. The following tips will help you protect your skin & that of your loved ones on Halloween.


Morticia Addams makeup is a fun, easy makeup look you can achieve for Halloween with a foundation, red lipstick, metallic eye shadow, eye brow filler and fake lashes. We recommended Biofond Foundation in color  Highlighter to achieve this alabaster color - be sure to blend all the way down your neck for even coverage!


1. Stage or Theatrical Makeup > ‘Halloween’ Makeup.

Makeup that is specifically designed for costume use, such as a play, is generally not only gentler on skin, it also includes FDA approved ingredients. Halloween makeup, on the other hand, often contains irritants and in some scary instances, toxic, elements that are harmful—especially to the skin around the delicate eye area.


2. Buy higher quality makeup.

Organic face paint kits are becoming more popular. If you have kids, this is an option to explore.

If you’re going for an elaborate look, don’t overlook high quality every day makeup. For example, my Bio-Fond foundation alone clearly isn’t going to give me a Halloween look, but it can create the right base. I can easily build on that with eye shadow pallets, liners, highlighters, as well as contouring shades to create a healthy and safe look—and make skin won’t be doing the walk of shame the next day.

David Bowie inspired makeup can be done after work and in a flash! Using your Biofond Foundation Makeup as your base, create a lightening bolt with across your forehead and down the left side of your face, reaching all the way to the chin line.  Use high-payoff pigments in orange and blue and a black liquid eyeliner pen.  We suggest using the eyeliner first to create your base line, then color the blue and orange to either side respectively.  Follow-up with an additional eyeliner layer over the first bolt to make sure the black stands out.  Be sure to keep your lip color neutral so you don't take away from the striking colors of the bolt.


3. Prep your skin!

Ensuring your skin is nourished, hydrated and healthy is a must. Before applying any type of makeup, be sure you cleanse and moisturize with a high quality moisturizer. You should use them year round, but moisturizer is your bestie in the days before you plan to become Rockstar Zombie Hipster Barbie.


4. Remove makeup following the festivities.

As soon as the party is over and the trick-or-treaters are safe and coming down from a sugar high, it’s makeup removal time. While removing makeup prior to bed is a must regardless of the day, it becomes imperative with Halloween makeup to minimize the chances of a post-apocalyptic breakout.

While traditional makeup contains ingredients that are easily dissolved with water and cleansers. cleansing milks and oils, Halloween makeups and face paints are more finicky. If you’ve used and oil-based makeup, and oil-based makeup remover is needed to safely take it off. If you’ve used a water-based makeup, water-based remover should be the go-to.

Creepily easy is the ventriloquist makeup how-to; using your Biofond Foundation Makeup create a flawless base, add Bio-Blush to the cheeks then contour in a half-moon shape to create the illusion of bubble cheeks and chin.  Add white eyeliner to the inside of the bottom eyelash line, multiple layers of mascara and use your eyeliners to create that square shape from the corners of your mouth. Drape some strings from your hands and boom- instant costume!

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Stay tuned for the ultimate post-Halloween DIY SkinRx repair treatment...