On February 14th  if you are single, taken, or it's complicated, you’ll want to look both casual and too-hot-handle but in a grown-up glam way. It’s easy to achieve both looks at the same time! We are here to show you how just in time for that special day.

The Do’s and the Don’ts

DO: Take your cue from Princess Kate Middleton who has recently been seen sporting  a softer, grey eyeliner and only applying it to the top lid. This look gives you some definition without looking like you’re headed to Vegas!
DON’T: Black Eyeliner is stunning and it will make your eyes stand out, but it can be harsh looking too. For a softer, romantic look leave the black eyeliner alone.

DO: Use a setting powder! If things happen to get hot and heavy you don’t want excess makeup transferring to clothes (yours or his!). Using a setting powder allows for excess to be absorbed without looking like a hot mess.
DON’T: Look like a snap-chat filter. They’re pretty, but they’re not realistic and we deserve to show our true selves so don’t pile on all that extra contouring, baking, etc.

DO: Use some blush. Cream blush is forgiving, beautiful and gives you just the right amount of contrast on the face for a dreamy look without drowning out or hiding your attractive features.
DON’T: Use glitter. It can be tons of fun, but we’re going for the grown-up glam look this year.

The How-To:

First, start with a clean fresh face. Use a cleanser and toner to make sure you have the perfect canvas before applying makeup. Dead skin cells and residual oil can make your face appear dull or oily – too much variance, just clean your face!

Next use a silicone free primer. Lightly apply a layer of hydrating primer all over the face and neck. This will not only help to keep a soft glow on the skin, it also helps to protect the skin from environmental irritants, smoke, and bacteria.

Using your anti-bacterial sponge, Beauty Blender or Foundation Brush light dab the foundation all over then starting in the middle, blend the foundation outwards towards the hairline and jawline. This will ensure you have an even coverage without caking on the foundation. Then use a large, fluffy brush to lightly apply a translucent powder all over the face to set your foundation while maintaining the alluring dewy skin.

If you’re going for a low-key romantic look we like what Rita Ora did – use your cream blush on your cheek bones and your eyelids! This helps to tie the whole look together to be a finished glam without over accessorizing the face with color. We like to use cream blush because it gives the best look! Apply three small dots along the cheek line with a brush or clean finger tip. Then use a densely packed blush brush to blend it upwards in a ‘C’ motion. Then softly dip that same brush into your blush and apply across the eyelids – starting in the corner and moving to the outside.

Rita Ora wears a coordinated hue along her cheekbones and her #makeupartist applied the same shade to her lids.

Add that soft grey or brown eyeliner. I find it easiest to apply my eyeliner pencil from the inner corner and work my way to the outside but do what is best for you! Add 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara and voila!

Don’t forget a neutral, matte lipstick. My favorites are the Lip Sense kind because they won’t come off during a swanky dinner or the after-party.

You look gorgeous. You did before but now you feel confident rocking that glam romantic look on Valentine’s.

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