National #RandomActOfKindness Day will be here Feb 17th.
We feel so strongly about creating a kinder world, that we’re asking you to perform a RAOK between now and Friday, 2/17 and post a picture of it.

Make sure you like and tag our GerdaSpillmannOfficial account on Instagram and use #BeautyisKindness for a chance to win.

The winner will receive one (1) Deluxe Biofond compact in the color of their choice, in addition to three (3) premium-sized samples of our Hydro Pearls Makeup Primer. One (1) winner will be selected at random, to be announced on Saturday, Feb 18th. 

#BeautyisKindness #GerdaSpillmann

25 Ways to Perform a RAOK

1. Leave an anonymous flower for a co-worker
2. Donate money to an orginzation you are passionate about
3. Send a card to service men and women
4. Give up your spot in a long line 
5. Collect donations for the local food bank
6. Donate pet food to a shelter
7. Pick up litter 
8. Send an old friend a text, email or pm just to say hi.
9. Leave a thank you note for your mailperson
10. Donate blood.
11. Hold the door open for people.
12. Leave quarters in gumball machines
13. Volunteer to run an errand for a friend or neighbor
14. Compliment someone with genuine praise.
15. Pay someone's parking meter
16. Return the shopping carts left behind in the parking lot
17. "Heart Attack" someone's front door to let them know they are loved.
18. Write thank you letters
19. Donate your clothes to a women's shelter
20. Pay for someone else's coffee 
21. Pay for someone else's groceries
22. Let that car merge in front of you without getting mad
23. Tutor a student
24. Bring donuts to work
25. Donate loose change to the Salvation Army or Red Cross

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