Hyperpigmentation is defined as a common, usually harmless and painless condition where patches of skin may be darker in color than the skin tone more common to the rest of the body. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the body's natural pigment that produces skin color, forms deposits in the skin, often as a result of damage like acne scars or burns. 

Traditionally conditions like this have been treated with an ingredient called Hydroquinone.  Which has been found to be a cause of Ochronosis, a blue-black skin discoloration that can also cause gray-brown spots and tiny, yellow-to-brown bumps, as well as skin thickening.  Hydroquinone has also been the culprit behind people suddenly becoming photosensitive, leading to complete avoidance of the suns UVA and UVB rays.

There are healthy, botanical based alternatives to Hydroquinone, like Giga White®. Giga White® is a plant-derived, preservative-free skin lightener. It is composed of seven organically grown Swiss alpine plants- Mallow, Peppermint, Primula, Lady's Mantel, Speedwell herb, Blam Mint and Yarrow extract. Giga White® at 5% has been proven to have a significant skin brightening effect with regular topical use . It was additionally shown to reduce the color and size of age spots in a twelve week "in vivo" study.

Giga White® is used in skin lightening products is because of its ability to inhibit tyronsinase. Tyronsinase is an enzyme chiefly responsible for the production of melanin, which can lead to hyper pigmentation issues.

Clinical trials using Giga White® showed significant lightening activity after 12 weeks of in-vivo treatment in clients aged 22-55.

These clinical tests revealed Giga White® to show a decrease in discoloration by 24% and an increase in skin lightening by 15.3%. Giga White® at 5% has been proven to have a significant skin brightening effect and reduction of age spots with regular topical use.