Ladies, are you as excited as we are that No-Shave November is almost over?! In preparation, we've prepared a simple 3 step guide to help the men in your life get back to a clean, handsome look.  

Three Skincare steps while Shaving


1. Pretreat - wash your face with warm water and a gentle soap.  Washing first allows you to remove any unwanted bacteria that's been hanging around before you apply a razor to your face and the heat opens up your hair follicles so you're less likely to pull hair.  Then lightly apply a facial oil that will help to soften the hair strands making it easier to cut and will also protect against razor burn .  Next you'll want to generously apply shaving cream, shaving soap, or gel all over your beard.  Applying with your hands is quick but using a dedicated brush increases the friction resulting in a better lather, and therefore a better shave.

2. Shaving Technique - always, always shave in the right direction. If you catch a hair strand in the razor but it doesn't cut you risk pulling it out by the follicle leading to ingrown hairs, irritated or infected skin. Cut don't Pull! Using a sharp, clean razor is key to a close shave - be sure you are constantly rinsing and cleaning it off completely while shaving.  Use light, short strokes to avoid razor burn and irritation.

3. Post-Shave - After finishing your shave, and admiring your handsome mug in the mirror, rinse your face with cool water.  Cool water will help to remove any whiskers left behind, wash away excess shaving cream and will help to calm the skin.  Gently dry your face with a towel by blotting the skin, don't wipe! Then follow-up with an alcohol free Tonic that will close pores and eliminate bacteria, helping to prevent razor burn, infection and keeps the skin hydrated.

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