With careful consideration of every ingredient how they work together and with our skin, Biofond is not just a topical vanity product but an investment into a healthy skin care regimen that helps to prevent breakout, aids in healing, offers sun protection and nourishes with pharmaceutical grade nutrients; allowing for a long-term gorgeous (and healthy!) complexion.

Biofond wasn’t developed as a stand-alone makeup product. Biofond is the third step in a carefully cultivated skin care regimen as a skin protector, hydrator and has the added benefit of coverage. Used alone, Biofond will give the skin beautiful coverage – but used with the GS Skin Care products, Biofond is also a skin therapy product for health & longevity of your complexion.

Formulated in laboratories of Switzerland, Biofond is subjected not only to the exacting standards of the FDA, but the higher restrictions of the EU skin board – meaning: you know that our product is safe, having met and exceeded all requirements for both the US and Europe.  GS has been an animal-cruelty free brand since it's inception in 1944. Absolutely no testing has ever been performed on animals during any phase of our products.  

Made with clays from the Dead Sea, naturally occurring titanium dioxide and iron oxides offer UVA and UVB protection without adding chemicals to the formula – you get sun block protection with Biofond!

Biofond has a hydrating base formula, meaning that it doesn’t just seal the moisture you already have and help to prevent it from leaving, but adds moisture to the top layers of the skin to keep it hydrated throughout the day. Breathable foundation will never look dull because it allows the skin to continue through the natural process of rejuvenation and cell turnover.

We do not use cheap ingredients. In fact all of our ingredients are 100% pharmaceutical grade. Not all ingredients are expensive, it depends on their availability. Things like silicones are readily available and cheap, but not good for the skin (read why here). Instead of using this common bacteria-trapping ingredient, we source botanical and organic ingredients like pharmaceutical grade Sunflower Seed Extract, that offers the same effect but in a safer way; but these high-quality ingredients are less readily available than inexpensive chemical compounds like silicones.

Will cheap, low-quality makeup look good on your skin? Maybe temporarily but long term your skin will pay the price. We consider one of our greatest compliments to be when someone comments on your beautiful skin, not your makeup.