So You're Having Trouble With Google Chrome...

Our IT & Technical Support Team is here to help.

I've tried to checkout and I'm getting an error or the cart will not let me proceed. What's going on?
The good news is that you're often looking at something fairly simple. Most people don't realize that some extremely simple things often create the majority of the website functionality problems they are experiencing.

Here are the most common problems which may be causing a less than optimal user experience.

  1. Your Cookies have been turned off. They are set to 'block' cookies from all websites; no exceptions.
  2. Your computer does not have installed JavaScript.
  3. JavaScript is installed, but the installation of new software, security patches and/or a change in your security settings have rendered JavaScript inoperable on your current computer.
  4. Your JavaScript settings have been set to 'prompt.' (If this is the case, you will see typically see a screen or pop-up that warns you about potentially dangerous scripts or non-secure websites.)
  5. Your Firewall/security/privacy settings are preventing data from being transmitted.

Let's address #1: Cookies.

We've designed easy-to-follow infographics to help you understand what a cookie is, why we use them and how to ensure they are functioning properly if you're using Google Chrome as your preferred web browser.
What Are Cookies and Why Do They Matter?

How To View + Change Cookie Settings in Google Chrome

How To Manage Cookies In Chrome